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Future Champions Sports Complex

Located in Jacksonville, Illinois, Future Champions Sports Complex is preparing for its fourth season of baseball and softball tournaments with plans to upgrade and add amenities to the complex’s 28 acres on Jacksonville’s northwest side.


A group of individuals, including Adam and Kristin Jamison, purchased the former Lenz Field at the onset of the pandemic in March 2020. Unfortunately, the gates to the complex were closed during what should have been the first 14 weeks of baseball and softball competition during its inaugural season. After striving to remain viable through a couple of challenging years, the Jamisons are working to enhance the experience at Future Champions through renovations that will allow for increased food, drink and gaming, as well as the addition of elite-level baseball tournaments to its spring/summer schedule.

Future Champions is proud to announce its partnership with Perfect Game. The nation’s premier provider of high quality travel team tournaments throughout the United States is contracting with Future Champions to host eight weekends of baseball tournament play during the 22-week spring/summer season, with additional All-State and Showcase opportunities to be announced at a later date. The Jacksonville sports complex is the only location in Illinois to offer Perfect Game tournaments.

“During the last three seasons, Future Champions has offered competition for nearly every level of baseball and softball play,” explained Managing Owner Adam Jamison. “We are excited to welcome Perfect Game to our fields during 2023 to add an increased level of competition among all our baseball age groups."


Beyond heightening the competition offered at Future Champions, the Jamisons intent on elevating the experience of visitors to the complex. The couple is in the midst of renovating an existing building in proximity to Field 6 that will house a restaurant, bar and gaming for all ages.

“During our last three seasons, we were receptive to the needs of our customers, offering a robust concession stand that also included refreshments for adults,” said Managing Owner Kristin Jamison. “But we realized that we needed more shelter for our athletes and families during inclement weather, as well as


increased amenities to make the experience more enjoyable for all at Future Champions. The upgrades we are making in the former Lenz Distribution warehouse will be a game changer for us and our visitors.”

Construction is beginning on the former warehouse that will include a climate-controlled bar and grill, an open-air space for activities and arcade games, a private adult gaming area and additional ADA-accessible restrooms.


Future Champions Sports Complex is an integral part of the economic vitality of the Jacksonville region. In working with the Jacksonville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, its economic impact on the Jacksonville region through lodging, shopping and dining activity in 2021 is conservatively estimated at $5 million. The Jamisons believe that number will be increased dramatically with the upgrades being planned for the sports complex and the addition of Perfect Game tournaments which will attract a greater number of teams from outside of Illinois.


“Jacksonville is among the fastest growing towns in the area when it comes to sports tourism, and Future Champions Sports Complex is the chief driver in that niche for us,” stated Director of the Jacksonville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Brittany Henry. “Visitors are choosing to visit our community for multiple days to play softball and baseball. They are enjoying a good time at the fields, but also exploring Jacksonville’s unique shopping and dining options while here.”


The new amenities at Future Champions are on schedule to be finished when the tournament season officially opens in mid-March. The new bar and grill will be open to the public with hours of operation throughout the week.


"We are always working to improve our offerings at Future Champions,” Adam Jamison said. “We thank our community leaders, sponsors and local teams for their past support in our business. We appreciate their continued support as we look forward to opening a new food and entertainment venue for our sports families, as well as the Jacksonville-area public.”


5 Kelly Street, Jacksonville, IL 62650


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