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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  Do you charge admission to your complex?

    • A: Yes we charge admission to all tournaments and several high school and All-Star games.

  • Q: When are your tournament schedules released and where do I find them?

    • A: Typically the schedule for a tournament is released on the Tuesday night or Wednesday morning before the event. It is always posted on the Future Champions website.

  • Q:  What is your GPS address?

    • A: 1600 West Walnut  Jacksonville, IL 62650 (This will take you to Jacksonville Memorial Hospital, and Future Champions Sports Complex is located directly west of the hospital.)

  • Q: Do you allow metal cleats on your fields?

    • A: No metal cleats are allowed on any of our six fields at Future Champions Sports Complex due to the damage they cause on our turf fields. Players can wear molded rubber cleats, turf shoes or tennis shoes. 

  • Q: Do you sunflower seeds or gum on your fields?

    • A: Sunflower seeds and gum are prohibited at Future Champions Sports Complex due to the damage they cause on our turfed fields. Future Champions reserves the right to charge a maintenance fee to teams that do not abide by this rule.

  • Q: From where do you draw most of your teams?

    • Answer: Teams come from all over the Midwest travel to compete at Future Champions Sports Complex every weekend during our season. We welcome teams from beyond the Midwest during our World Series and All Star events.

  • Q:  Do you allow walk-in coolers?  

    • A: We do not allow walk-in coolers, nor do we allow outside food or drink. Future Champions offers a full concession stand that includes grilled foods. However, we do allow large team water coolers in the dugout and individual water jugs for players. 

  • Q: Do you serve alcohol?

    • A: Yes. Future Champions Sports Complex has added alcoholic beverages to its concessions offerings. We appreciate and expect our fans to act responsibly when consuming alcohol at the complex. In addition, we ask you to refrain from bringing alcohol into the complex.

  • Q: How soon after it rains are your fields playable?

    • A: Our fields are playable almost immediately after a heavy rain. The longest wait is usually around 10 minutes.

  • Q: Will we compete against new teams if we play at Future Champions Sports Complex?

    • A: Our central location in the MIdwest encourages teams from metro areas to compete at Future Champions Sports Complex. Any given weekend, we welcome  teams from Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis. We strive to ensure teams compete against others from outside their region.

  • Q: Do you allow pets at your complex?

    • A: No. 

  • Q: Do you have bleachers? Do you allow tents for shade?

    • A: All our fields at Future Champions Sports Complex offer bleacher seating. We also allow teams and fans to bring their own tents into our complex to provide shelter or shade.

  • Q:  Are you sanctioning your tournaments with national programs?

    • A:  Most of our baseball tournaments are unsanctioned events, however we do host the 15u CABA World Series. In addition, we host the Super 25 regionals with Perfect Game, including the 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u 15u, 16u, and 17u PG Super25 Central Super Qualifiers. All our girls softball  tournaments are sanctioned with ASA. Our All-Star events are unsanctioned.

  • Q: Are your tournament rates competitive?

    • A: There is no doubt Future Champions Sports Complex rates are competitive. If you compare tournament rates for the top complexes in the country, you will find our rates very competitive. Furthermore, if you compare rates of other turf fields, you will find that Future Champions is actually less expensive than many. 

  • Q: Do you provide refunds if a tournament is canceled for any reason, or a team is unable to compete after paying tournament fees?

    • A:  Future Champions Sports Complex does not offer refunds for any reason. However, we will issue a credit for a future tournament.


5 Kelly Street, Jacksonville, IL 62650


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